Shooting Film Photography in the Digital Age

Or handwriting, instead of using a keyboard, this could be an alternative title. First of all, I want to clear something out, I’m not against digital. I don’t think film is better than digital, I see them as being two different mediums through which photographers can express themselves. Like choosing a letter over an email and vice versa. It’s a matter of personal preference. Continue reading “Shooting Film Photography in the Digital Age”

The Country Governed by Thieves

I was 5 years old in December 1989. My memory of those days is clustered, filled with flashbacks of my family trying to offer me a “normal” Christmas, while outside terror was taking over the streets. I remember my father coming home saying he met good ol’ Santa Clause and after rummaging through his bag, he pulled out a toy staple gun and a spinner. I looked at them and reluctantly started playing. I knew things were not ok. Over the course of the following days, our house was filled with close relatives coming to live with us, because our side of the city was safer. We would often turn off the lights at night and crouch while gunshot echoes filled the air outside.

Romania was fighting to escape the darkness that reigned for 44 years. Or so we thought. Continue reading “The Country Governed by Thieves”

“Howth” you doin’?

Great, actually. If I said it once, I said it a million times – Howth is our favourite place to go near Dublin. Every time a friend asks me what is there to see in Dublin, I always mention Howth, because you’ll get to witness a breathtaking view, you’ll taste heavenly seafood and you’ll have a great time walking around this beautiful fishing village.

The East Pier

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[VLOG] A Chat With Gerry Leonard about David Bowie, Songwriting and Busking

I love a lot of things about Dublin, but most of all I love being a musician here. Ever since I moved to the Emerald Isle, I began exploring its musical landscape and found myself busking, gigging and attending all sorts of events. It’s wonderful to know that anywhere you may find yourself, you could witness a great musical performance. Such was the case last week, when I attended a Songwriting & Music Production Masterclass held by Gerry Leonard at the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) HQ in Dublin. Continue reading “[VLOG] A Chat With Gerry Leonard about David Bowie, Songwriting and Busking”

Galway – a short travel guide


When considering visiting Ireland, most people’s first choice is Dublin, which is a great option, but if I had to say what my favourite city on the emerald island was, I would definitely go with Galway.

We’ve visited the nicknamed “City of the Tribes” a few good times in the past two years, and every trip there was better than the last one. It is a place filled with such joy and wonderful energy (also rain, but what else do you expect?) and, especially in the nighttime – thanks to its narrow streets and lovely little lights – it reminds me of Paris, which is always a compliment in my book. Continue reading “Galway – a short travel guide”


Life is filled with beginnings and endings. You like beginnings, but you love to dwell on endings. You give endings more credit than they should ever receive. You hate it when a good book ends, when a TV series displays its final frames or when the time spent with a loved one slowly fades away. The end gets you talking, sometimes obsessively, about it. A story should never be about its ending, but about the winding path that leads to its finale.

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