Life is filled with beginnings and endings. You like beginnings, but you love to dwell on endings. You give endings more credit than they should ever receive. You hate it when a good book ends, when a TV series displays its final frames or when the time spent with a loved one slowly fades away. The end gets you talking, sometimes obsessively, about it. A story should never be about its ending, but about the winding path that leads to its finale.

Beginnings are exciting, full of hope and adrenaline. They are also full of doubt. Thus, I took the job of writing this first piece of the Meliora puzzle, because I actually had no idea what to write about. I guess this is my way of saying hello.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog in English and Sonia dreamt about doing this for a long time too, so we decided to do it together. I’m a musician, I travel a lot and busk anywhere I get the chance. Busking is my way of getting familiar with a new place, meeting people who live there, sharing stories with them. Sonia manages a coffee shop in Dublin, loves to cook and, of course, to travel.

If you don’t know what to expect from this website, don’t worry – we don’t either. 😛 Jokes aside, we plan on flooding you with articles about the places we visit, the lovely food we cook and eat (yum!), the music we listen to (or make) and, why not, with a few perspectives on life and tales of mere existence.

Better keep your eyes on us.

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