Who are we?

We are Sonia and Ionuţ, we are from Romania and we are both in love with traveling, cooking (Sonia), listening to great music and making great music (Ionuţ). If you haven’t read us by now, we’re so much into enjoying the better things in life, that we decided to name our site “Meliora” (latin for “better”). Our tagline – always better – means that we will never settle for lesser, dull or ordinary lives.

Ex-PR consultants, we both got bitten by that Millennial bug that made us quit our conventional jobs and move to the other side of Europe and here we are, in Dublin. Rest assured, this is not a place where you’ll find “motivational” articles about how bohemian our lives are or how work is overrated. We both work and we want to be the best at what we do. Also, we don’t really believe in having a set “path” to follow. We think that if you’re unhappy and feeling stuck, you should change something or – why not? – everything!