“Howth” you doin’?

Great, actually. If I said it once, I said it a million times – Howth is our favourite place to go near Dublin. Every time a friend asks me what is there to see in Dublin, I always mention Howth, because you’ll get to witness a breathtaking view, you’ll taste heavenly seafood and you’ll have a great time walking around this beautiful fishing village.

The East Pier

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Life is filled with beginnings and endings. You like beginnings, but you love to dwell on endings. You give endings more credit than they should ever receive. You hate it when a good book ends, when a TV series displays its final frames or when the time spent with a loved one slowly fades away. The end gets you talking, sometimes obsessively, about it. A story should never be about its ending, but about the winding path that leads to its finale.

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